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Conor Lowe has competed at both our local WA showcases, and our AUSCAAs with outstanding results every time. His results earned him a scholarship to attend the IMTA convention in Los Angeles with all airfares/accom and entry costs included. This is our highest accolade and is only awarded to one student out of the 1000 plus we work with each year.


Throughout these events Conor has always shown professionalism, and maturity at a level much higher than his age. So much so, that we have invited Conor to be a guest speaker and volunteer at our last 2 AUSCAAs events.


Working with Conor for almost 3 years has allowed me to know him on a personal level as well to which I can only further commend him for his maturity, courteousness and moral values. He always works diligently and his success has been a product of his determination to succeed along with a can-do attitude. 


I would also like to commend Conor’s family, who have been incredibly supportive enabling him to travel when required both nationally and internationally and I believe this has been a key part to the opportunities which have allowed him to show his abilities and gain so much support both here in Australia as well as overseas.


I can confidently state that Conor Lowe is not only a super talented performer but an amazing young man as well. I am pleased to offer any support and recommendation he needs for anything in his career. I truly believe he has the potential to be one of Australia’s future house hold names and look forward to watching this unfold in the years to come.

Craig Bradley (CEO)







I firstly met Conor while casting talent for my short film Electricity.


With a confident appearance plus an exceptional and fun performance he owned the audition room and well deservedly got the role. Throughout the whole production Conor was professional, hard working and flexible. His positive, open and charming personality as well as a great sense of humour always created a contagious good energy around him.


Conor is a talented young actor who is passionate about what he does. Combined with his dedicated and ambitious attitude Conor has the world at his fingertips and I am excited to follow where his creative journey takes him. 

Luna-Lucia Magno (Director) 



Conor was an absolute delight to work with. He was consistently upbeat and came to set with a fantastic attitude. He handled his lines beautifully, and was excellent at taking direction and adapting to last minute changes. We all loved having him on set; his easygoing and fun loving nature meant he got on swimmingly with both cast and crew. We were particularly impressed with Conor's ability to switch between joking and having fun with the crew in waiting periods, to being completely professional and bringing his A game the second we needed him to. 


Conor's parents were also an absolute delight. They were very accommodating to our schedule and all sorts of last minute changes and callouts. They were easy to communicate with and we were more than happy to have them on set as they were very respectful of us and our project.


Another standout for us was Conor's skills in the studio during post production. Both of our sound engineers, as well as ourselves, were all blown away with how well Conor handled the ADR sessions, especially considering it was the first time he'd done it. We needed to replace almost all of his lines and he hit most of them spot on in one take. We've worked with adults who have been professionally acting their whole lives who couldn't do that. 


Overall, we've been thoroughly impressed with Conor's natural talent, combined with his high spirits and can-do attitude, his fantastic sense of humour, and his professional approach to his work. We have a lot of respect for Conor and give him the highest recommendation. We both can't wait for the next time we get the opportunity to work with him.

Hannah Amos (Director) 

Tarrant Hartstone (Producer)



I had the absolute pleasure of directing Conor in the role of 'Noah' on the short film To The Sea.


Conor was incredibly confident and charismatic, and easily charmed everyone on set. He was nothing but mature and professional on set, and had clearly done considerable preparation and research for the role.

He took direction brilliantly, as well as bringing his own ideas and uniqueness to the part.


I would work with Conor again in a heartbeat, and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Emily Dynes (Director)