Conor is a confident and charismatic young man with a sparkling personality and a killer smile.


He displays a maturity beyond his years and is as comfortable conversing with agents or casting directors as he is mucking about with his mates.  Currently he is performing in a joint production with the Melbourne Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre in Storm Boy as Storm Boy. 


Conor attended the IMTA convention in Los Angeles at which he performed outstandingly in front of international agents managers and casting directors.  His performances garnered him a swag of awards, including second most sought after at the event, receiving 35 call backs. Conor earnt the chance to appear in LA after industry professionals judged him to be the best overall performer at the Auscaas in Melbourne.  


His love of the stage allows him to handle the spotlight extremely well and he displays a confidence and stage presence that completely engages the audience. Conor studies music and drama at John Curtin College of the Arts and at the start of the year he was elected by his peers to be a student councillor.  Conor is a talented sportsman and thoroughly enjoys leading his teammates in singing the club song after a win at footy or celebrating a wicket after a good yorker !


Recently he was chosen to be a junior reporter for the Today Show on Channel 9, reporting on a segment close to his heart that was shown on national television. He also thoroughly enjoyed being invited back to Channel 9 to be a guest on the 'Agenda' on the Today Show. His other favourite pastime is playing with his nieces Lilly and Ava